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If you’re still planning to have an alarm system installed in your home, you have to know something right off the bat: your safety and peace of mind are worth every penny you’re about to spend.

Home security systems make you feel safe at any time of day, even though they come at a certain price. Much of what contributes to security system expenses is the equipment. However, there are several factors other you also need to consider in calculating the costs of installing an alarm system in your home. 

Cost Factors of Home Alarm Systems



The three most common equipment included in home alarm systems are cameras, control panels, and sensors.

The alarm system can either be wireless or wired, and there’s a significant difference in the costs between the two options.

Wired security systems cost higher because of the installation and monitoring processes. It requires professional installation to ensure that all electronic devices are secure and reliable.

On the other hand, wireless security systems have DIY options, which is ultimately a much more affordable alternative than hiring professional services.



Professional services for home alarm installation is a separate expense from the equipment. The service rates vary on the equipment and security provider you want to hire. Professional installation alone can range between $150 to $600.


System Activation

Alarm system activation fees are often included in the installation rates. However, you need to know that they’re an important factor in the overall calculation of your home alarm security costs. You need to clarify with your hired company if this service is already covered for the installation or not.


Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is an add-on service on the security system. You might want to consider features like smart lights and smart locks, which can be automated and customized along with your home alarm system.


Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring involves a unique sensor that triggers when there’s any suspicious activity in the area, and you will be notified with the alerts immediately. This is a monthly add-on service that starts at around $15 per month.


Live Camera Footage

A 24/7 live camera records all kinds of activity within the scope of the lenses. The footage will then be stored in the system software. This feature is usually backed by a motion sensor to discard unnecessary footage.


How Much Does a Home Alarm System Cost?

Wired home alarm systems can cost at an average of $1,200, including the basic equipment and installation fees. Wired system options may increase the installation costs, but the total spend will account for lower component expenses.


Having A Home Security System Is Right For You

No matter how much you’ll spend on installing a home alarm system, the benefits will always outweigh the costs. Nothing beats the idea of being well-guarded with a high-security technology 24/7. Besides, many alarm system companies and service providers are already finding ways to provide affordable options to their customers. 

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