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Because of modern technology, the improvement of home security systems escalated. And with the trend nowadays, you definitely need to take advantage of these developments. Security isn’t supposed to be something that you have to worry about constantly, especially not in your own home. Your home is a place where you should feel the safest than any other place in the world. Because of that, you need to install the best home security system to keep you at ease in your personal space. There are a lot of security system service providers in Australia, and you might end up getting confused about which one to hire. To help you find the best one, you need to know how to identify the best and most reliable home security system first and then choose the service provider who can efficiently deliver security solutions even beyond your expectations.  


What Is The Best and Most Reliable Home Security System?

Some people use individual security devices for home surveillance like CCTV cameras, smart door locks, doorbells with video recorder, motion sensors with light or sound alarm, and more. However, if you prefer having more than one, or even all of them, for your home security, then you can also have multiple systems installed. Most features that you can find in the best home security systems include automatic control in the lights, door locks, intercoms, thermostats, cameras, alarms, and other home appliances. Whichever among these features you want to have is up to you, but you must base it on your needs. You might not find it easy to pick a home security system. Still, you surely have to remember that only by selecting the best and most reliable devices ensure absolute safety. Here are a few points you need to check in choosing a complete home security system.

Wireless Connectivity

Having wireless connectivity is pretty much the most basic feature, so you shouldn’t have to miss it when you’re looking at your choices. You’re going to have to make sure that you can conveniently use your smartphone or other mobile devices to control the security system features through a wireless connection remotely.


Streamlined Security Connection

uploading security cam cloudWhen we say “wireless connection,” it means that both the security system and the mobile devices must be connected to the internet. And if you’re serious with extreme and stable protection, there should be more than one wireless protocol such as the combination of Wi-Fi and a proprietary mesh network— which is the most common wireless protocol in home security systems. If you follow otherwise and install a single wireless protocol, you simply can’t expect an all-efficient home security system. Even though it’s an ideal thought to connect the system in one hub, having multiple wireless protocols provide a more stable range and power. Especially when you have a large area, and you have security devices all-around your house, having wireless protocols within close proximity establishes a reliable network that works in real-time, 24/7.


Home Automation

The application or software installed in the smartphones or mobile devices authorizes access to the home security system. This automatic connection system allows you to manipulate your devices and customize your security options. You can review video footage directly on the mobile device, lock and unlock doors in one click, turn on and off the motion sensors, and more. Ultimately, you will have a fully-automated smart home right at the tip of your fingers. More automated features can be added according to your preference.


Customized Rules

The IFTTT (If This Then That) function is designed to create customized rules either directly on the security system or through compatible mobile devices. For example, you can make a rule that if smoke is detected, then your water sensors turn on or the doors and windows automatically unlock. Usually, cameras are automatically set that if there’s no motion detected, then the recording stops and turns back on when it identifies movement. However, more complicated IFTTT rules may only be available in professional home security systems. It’s an advanced feature that is not limited, but it belongs in the high-end category, where it requires professional security system services. If you’re planning to DIY, you can hire professional support specifically for the IFTTT action creation.



Naturally, a storage system should be backed by home security. You can have recordings stored locally or in the cloud. Local storage saves files in hard drives or memory cards, where you can easily extract even without an internet connection. The downside with local storage is the storage capacity. Hard drives and memory cards have limited capacity in storing files. You can have multiple local storage devices, as long as you make sure not to override the files or damage the storage device itself. Cloud storage has leverage when it comes to capacity and file safety. So long as you have an internet connection, you can quickly review any of your video files.  

How To Set-Up A Home Security System

home security cameraThere are various options for you when you decide to have a home security system installed. Once you get to choose the best package you think you should have for your house, you can hire a team to install the devices for a one-time payment, hire a team who can install and maintain the devices and the software on a monthly subscription, or you can DIY a simple system. The most crucial factor is getting the right items that can actually serve their purpose not only in keeping you protected from any potential robbery but also for your utmost comfort.  

Best Home Security System in Australia

Have your home security system installed only by the best solution providers, who also supply premium devices for safety monitoring. Rapid Alarms has all you need for standard and advanced security systems, from CCTV cameras and alarm systems to video intercoms and access systems. We have been providing excellent security systems services and solutions in Australia for 25 years. Contact us today for your most ideal home security system package.