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HD CCTV Packages And Pricing For Home And Business

Reduce crime in your area with a CCTV package system installed! Having a CCTV system installed on your property is a great way to deter most burglars and vandals  They also provide you with remote monitoring which is a great solution to keep an eye on your property and is also a great safeguard to businesses across Perth. 




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CCTV Kit Inclusions:

 1x 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

2 x 6MP CCTV cameras (nightvision)

2 terabyte Hard drive

Remote access on phones and tablets
(adequate internet connection required)

Connection to TV optional

The BASIC CCTV package is great for a small home, office, or even appartment. 




CCTV Kit Inclusions:

1x 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

4 x 6MP CCTV cameras (nightvision)

2 terabyte Hard drive

Remote access on phones and tables

(adequate internet connection required)

Connection to TV optional

The STANDARD CCTV package is perfect for your family home or business. With 4 high quality cameras this package will give you great coverage.




CCTV Kit Inclusions:

1x 8 Channel Network Video Recorder 4K

4 x 8MP 4K CCTV cameras (nightvision) 

3 terabyte Hard drive

24" LED Monitor

Remote access on phones and tables 
(adequate internet connection required)

Connection to TV optional

This PREMIUM package is great for home and businesses. With 4 Ultra high deffinition 4K cameras and a 8 Channel Network Video Recorder it gives you the option to add more cameras to the system without having to upgrade your NVR.

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Security Cameras – Description

✔ These high quality camera systems uses the latest state of the art equipment to deter intruders from your home or business.

✔ Look, Lock and Leave, using high tech network video recorders it allows you to continuously record full time video footage up to 8 HD CCTV cameras (on a 8 channel recorder) up to a week onto the hard drive, even longer with motion detection, you can save valuable space on your hard drive by enabling motion detection on this CCTV system. When motion detection is enabled it will record when movement is triggered in front of the camera. When the recorder is full, it will intelligently overwrite the oldest footage.

✔ Veiw your cameras from anywhere in the world! See whats happening live on your iPhone, iPad & Andriod devices. Using the free app to access your camera system securely, this will give you easy peace of mind knowing you can be anywhere and still be able to view your home or business while you are away.

CCTV Packages Features & Benefits

✔ Full HD video quality providing you with high quality, clear footage both day and night.

✔ With Powerful infrared illuminators built into the cameras, it will give you the clear night vision you need in areas with no light.

✔ These cameras are suitable for outdoor and indoor use

CCTV Package Application

Ideal for home and businesses in Perth such as:

✔ Homes

✔ Offices

✔ Commercial Buildings

✔ Medical clinics

✔ Chemists

✔ Fast food stores and restaurants

✔ Jewelry stores

✔ Construction sites

✔ Small workshop and factories

IP CCTV System

CCTV packages cctv pack

IP CCTV is the newest generation of CCTV technology. IP stands for internet protocol, this means the cameras which are part of an IP CCTV packages system operate over an ethernet network to transmit video signals back to your network video recorder. IP cameras are able to deliver much higher resolutions and image quality than traditional analogue camera systems. This makes IP CCTV systems an important part of a security system when people are serious about protecting people and properties in today’s high speed world. 

Analogue CCTV System

CCTV packages
Analogue CCTV Packages Systems traditionally are the most common form of CCTV, with cameras ranging from 420 TV Lines through to 700 TV Lines, with DVR recording quality from CIF through to D1. Our CCTV systems only offer the highest commercially available analogue products which are 600TVL and above cameras and D1 quality DVR recording quality, we believe anything lower than this is not worth installing as people generally aren’t happy with the end product.