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Home Alarm Systems in Perth

Get the best home alarms system in Perth to suit your requirements

Home alarm systems have evolved greatly over the years. Security systems have improved leaps and bounds the the way of technology advancements and home alarm systems should now be designed to suit every individuals need and requirements.

Our home alarm systems range from basic motion detector systems right through to full perimeter alarms with outdoor detection devices. We have both hard wired and wireless systems or a combination of both to meet customer requirements.

We have 20+ years working with families custom designing quality home security systems that help people feel safe. Our security systems are installed to the highest quality by qualified police licensed security installers. The brands of alarms systems we use meet all Australian standards so our customers can be assured their home security alarm will operate hassle free for the life of the system.

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Our different types of home alarm systems include:

Motion sensor home alarms (basic audible)

Perimeter alarm systems (arming when inside premise)

Wireless Alarm Systems (rental properties and double story homes)

✅ App controlled alarm systems (self monitored alarms)

✅ Access control alarm systems

✅ Video verified home alarm systems

Need a security alarm for your home? We can help

We have no fuss sight visits to go through all your security system options, don’t settle for a cheap over the phone quote. All of our police licensed security consultants have installation and service experience.

Optional extras for your home alarm system

We have a large range of optional extras which can be added to any of our home alarm systems including the following

  • Panic Buttons (great for high risk areas)
  • Remote Controls (keyless arming and disarming)
  • Touch Screen Keypads (more a more elegant look)
  • APP Remote Control (arm/disarm from anywhere in the world)
  • Alarm Monitoring (24/7 protection of your property)

Now having an alarm system in your property will not give you 100% protection against burglary but it will certainly reduce the incidence of burglary several-fold. When there is a street full of homes that have security alarm systems, you can be assured that persons of criminal persuasion would rather leave your street and find an alternative one to look for easy opportunities.

What home security brands we use

  • DAS Home Alarm Systems 25% 25%
  • Paradox Home Alarm Systems 25% 25%
  • Bosch Home Alarms Systems 20% 20%
  • DSC Home Alarm Systems 20% 20%
  • Crow Home Alarm Systems 10% 10%

What can our home alarm systems protect against?

Not only can we protect your property from theft, but a myriad of additional damaging events such as

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Gas
  • Flood
  • Hi/Lo Temp

Residential alarm products also give you the choice of LED, LCD & elegant touch screen codepads. On top of this all of our residential products have the optional ability to be remote controlled from IOS/Android devices with the correct equipment & internet capabilities from site. Some things to consider when you are shopping for a home alarm system.

For us to meet all your requirements with your new home security system, it is important for us to visit site and carry out an on-site security assessment. We can then choose a principle alarm product and then design a quality home alarm that works seamlessly for you for the years to come. click here to contact us.

Call us today for a free or visit us, no obligation quote on (08) 9468 7318.

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Rapid Alarms has been able to save our business thousands of dollars with there extensive industry knowledge.

Its great being able to speak directly to the owner of the business who at the same time is hands on.

The best part is the great customer service and consistant follow up.

Len Sanzone

Operations Manager, Sanzone Retail Group

We’ve been using Rapid Alarms for 5 years now, have done 3 businesses and 3 houses. Always makes sure work is always done to quality standard. Have recommend to many in the past and will continue to do so.

Michael Pisano

Manager, Bakers Delight

Our Brands

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