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Home Alarm Systems

With technology rapidly changing, choosing the right home alarm system that suits your needs is very important. Here at Rapid Alarms we are Perth’s home alarm system experts, with over 15 years experience involved in the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of quality home alarm systems in Perth and country WA. We are more then confident that we can tailor your alarm system to meet every one of your requirements and exceed your expectations. Keeping your family safe and sound.

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What types of home alarm systems will suit your home?


A good security company should provide you with options for your home alarm system, whether its a studio apartment or a big two story house. The two types of home alarm systems to choose from are generally hard wired alarm systems or wireless alarm systems. some of the below considerations will need to be taken when choosing which home alarm system suits your needs.



Hard wired home alarm systems

A hard wired system consists of running cables from your alarm devices such as motion sensors, doors & window sensors, internal & external sirens, keypad back to your security control panel. Hard wired systems generally cost a little more to install but they have a better life span then wireless. Not having to change batteries once a year and having to worry about radio interference.




Paradox MG5050 Kit with 2 x PMD75, SR130 + K37

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Paradox alarm system

Wireless home alarm systems

A wireless systems can provide a easier installation and it can be used in places that you cannot access or get a cable to. The control panel communicates using on 433mhz radio frequency. It is great for people who are renting or two story homes where cabling access is limited. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes you can simple stick onto the wall using heavy duty adhesive tape.

A wireless system requires batteries to work so they will require a battery chance once every year or two. The main drawback of a wireless system is the reliability just like a mobile phone or a WiFi modem a wireless alarm system can be affected by interference which can cause false alarms. Interference can be caused by electromagnetic devices, power, baby monitors, remote controls and other wireless devices.



“Just had 8 high definition cameras installed with a 16 channel recorder at our factory units in Morley, the boys were very thorough, prompt and did a great job, highly recommend.”

Roberto Federico

Manager, Perth City Towing

Rapid Alarms has  been able to save our business thousands of dollars with his extensive industry knowledge.
Its great being able to speak directly to the owner of the business who at the same time is hands on.
The best part is the great customer service and consistent follow up

Len Sanzone

Operations Manager, Sanzone Retail Group