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Although having a two-story house is helpful in terms of room and comfort. Every property has distinct characteristics influencing how you use and plan your outdoor and indoor security system.  

Security camera installation requires you to be resourceful and efficient to avoid messing in your two-story house. This article is a perfect guide for security camera installation as indoor security.


Installing Security Cameras

Installing an interior camera is as easy as identifying the location, plugging it in, turning it on, and syncing it with your smartphone or desktop application. 

The safest location for a camera in space is in the corner. If you want complete coverage of the space, place two cameras in opposite corners or mount a 360-degree camera at the centre of the room. Here are some other ways that would help you install security cameras on a two-story house:


Front Door

Around 34% of burglars gain access to homes through the front door. Despite this, most people who install modern home surveillance systems position most cameras on their roof’s eaves. Others incorporate them into the second floor in two-story houses. It is recommended that you prioritize installing a security camera at your front door.


Side and Back Doors

According to reports, 22% of burglars breach residential properties from the rear window. They know that the rear door is less safe than the front door in most houses, but it is usually the first option if the front entry is possible. If a window is next to the door, aim the camera such that it captures both. 



About 23% of burglars will enter a home from a primary floor window if they cannot enter through the gate. They choose windows that do not face the street or are at the back of the building. If you have such screens, this is often the third location for your outdoor cameras. A transparent indoor surveillance camera mounted at an angle searching on a table is another effective deterrent. 


Driveway and Garages

It is preferable to install a camera in your garage or driveway since this will assist you in protecting your automobiles

Believe it or not, 9% of all house burglars gain entry from an adjacent garage in homes with one. It is always their last effort after being unable to gain entry into the doors and windows. Consider installing a surveillance camera in front of your garage doors.



One of the better alarms you can offer is to install a monitor at the top of the stairwell so you can see who is going up when the alarm goes off, or you hear broken glass. The stairs are one of the most vulnerable points for a burglar because of their elevated location and better positioning.


Common Areas

It is prudent to install surveillance cameras in popular areas like your kitchen or living room. While you never know when burglars could break into your home, it’s best to be protected by surveillance cameras because they serve as a semblance of proof for the authorities.



It is claimed that security camera installation on your home helps keep your valuables safe and stable, including vehicles, bikes, essentials, and money.

Mounting surveillance cameras correctly is critical since these cameras can secure your home from intruders and provide you with valuable data regarding your household.

Make your home the best place to be safe. Contact Rapid Alarms today and be guided by our experienced security agents. You always deserve to be at peace in your abode.