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We all want our family and home to stay safe even when we are not at home. With an efficient and effective home alarm system, you can make your home less susceptible to intruders. Even when such individuals break into your residence, they will have no time to hang around in your home simply because of the strategically placed internal and external sirens. Even so, some home alarm systems provide you access to a lot of amazing features such as the ability to let a visitor into your home while you are away on holiday via smartphone apps, turn lighting circuits on and off and trigger reticulation areas. Your home alarm system is as important as the decorations in your space. You should never do without it. However, it is wise to choose the right alarm system that budget, personal requirements and type of house.

Variables that perfect your choice

There are a lot of home alarm systems you can purchase today. However, not all of them would be suitable for your household. It is imperative that you buy an alarm system that would be worthwhile and capable of expansion in the future.  Before you choose the best alarm system, you should consider some important factors:

  • Your family’s lifestyle is important, always pick an alarm system that can protect all entry points to your home.
  • Check the cabling access from the control panel to the windows and doors. It is best to pick a system that is suited your building type to ensure if you are choosing a hard wired alarm system the cabling can be done efficiently.
  • Always consider your budget before picking an alarm system. Many systems come with a monthly recurring fee. Some systems can also be leased which means you never actually own your system.
  • All alarm systems have zones, pick an alarm system which the correct amount of zones and sensors to cover the desired areas.
  • Your home alarm system should be easy to use and maintain, consider how hard it will be to change codes, reset the time and date and check and understand system fault conditions when required.
  • When choosing between a wireless and wired system, it is often practical to have one that comes as a hybrid. Generally hard wired is more reliable but in certain circumstances wireless will be required.

Making your choice

The best alarm system for you should incorporate the latest advanced features that would make your life safer and easier. They should be able to cater to your family’s needs in a stride while adhering to your budget. They should be easy control and use in your home. We have put together five of the very best home alarm systems that should give you all of these features and so much more.

1. Hills Reliance 128

The Hills Reliance 128 alarm system is one of the best in the market. This alarm system can be used at home or your small business premises. It was created by the Hills Electronic Security which is one of the leading security companies in the world. The Hills Reliance system integrates a wide range of advanced features to make your life a lot better. The control panel is flexible, durable and user-friendly. The Hills Reliance system is so unique that you only need a simple process to turn on and turn off your alarm system at all times. It also possesses to modes; the Armed Mode and Home mode. You can also set the alarm up for set monitoring using voice dialing. You can also pair up for Hill Reliance system with a commnav which offers Android and iPhone smartphone monitoring and control through the app.


  • Two unique modes; Home and Armed mode
  • 16 wired and 48 wireless zones which can be combined to 128 zones maximum
  • Active base to base security monitoring support
  • Over 24 code pads
  • Active read switches, movement detectors, and wireless key fobs support
  • You can simply let visitors into your home through your smartphone even when you are not home.
  • You can also report events in your home to up to 3 mobile numbers using SMS or calls and 3 email addresses.

2. Bosch 6000

The Bosch Solution 6000 was created by the Bosch Security and Safety systems, an impressive establishment which is located in over five regions in the world and has many more distribution partners in all countries. Established over 100 years ago Bosch has proven its quality time and time again.

The Bosch 6000 gives you an easy to use color-coded illuminated keys to ensure that you can easily navigate the system without help. With the Bosch 6000, you will have 16 wired board zones which can be combined up to 144 wired or wireless zones using serial radio receivers and zone expanders. This impressive system also gives you 16 access areas, and the LAN readers include lock control and egress built into the system. This means your alarm can be installed with ease and you don’t need a different appliance to handle your lock control. You can use this system not only at home but at your office too. This is because you can program the system to allow up to 256 users with a flexible fingerprint, proximity token, RF key fob, and Pin codes. You can code up to 8 digits.


  • A graphic user interface for easy navigation
  • Partition able arming (2 distinct areas meant for night arming)
  • Biometrics credentials that support up to 256 users
  • Alarm memory recall
  • Duress/panic code pad
  • SMS notifications
  • 5 programmable outputs (expandable)
  • Back to base connectivity
  • Push notification ability
  • IP connectivity for self-monitoring
  • Up to 144 zones
  • 16 access doors or LAN readers
  • Active support over a wide range of communication formats, IP, GSM, CSV IP, Email, PRS, text, voice, SIA 3+, and CID.
  • External readers, biometric and proximity with external keypad options
  • Medium range of wireless detection devices

3. Paradox Spectra 7000

The Paradox Spectra 7000 is manufactured by paradox security in Canada, a private company which has been specialising in the design and manufacture of security system since 1989. Paradox alarms distributes its quality equipment to over a hundred countries. The spectra series is a great choice of alarm system that very suitable for your home. It includes an expandable and flexible security system. It contains 16 wired onboard zones, alarm relay output, and 4 onboard PGM programmable outputs. This alarm system can be used in your home or business space. It also supports remote and wireless control, although this support is sold separately.


  • 4-wire expansion bus
  • 2 partitions
  • 32 user codes
  • GSM module available
  • 3 separate arming methods
  • 16 programmable outputs
  • IP Module for self-monitoring
  • Touch screen support
  • Remote technical assistance
  • Large range of wireless products

4. Ademco Vista 48

The Honeywell Ademco Vista 48 alarm system is manufactured by Honeywell security, the vista series has proven to be a very solid security panel for securing your home. It has 58 wireless zones, of which you can disarm or arm the system through wireless key fobs. The system is also equipped with 2 outputs which can be used to control external equipment. You can equally extend the output up to 16 programmable relay outputs or X10 transmitter which can drive about 16X10 modules. With the Ademco Vista, you will be able to personalize your zone functions. Alongside the 4 programmable keys which can be found on the Keypads. With this system, you can perform tasks such as turning on a lamp, open a garage door or arm the system while bypassing some zones.


  • 48 user codes with specific authorization levels
  • 32 schemes for relay outputs, limiting access or automated arming/disarming
  • X10 compatible
  • Active monitoring and controlling support with the ability to dial 5 personal numbers, 1 pager reporting and 3 for monitoring station.
  • Automatic daylights savings time feature
  • You can divide the system into 3 separate subunits
  • 4 programmable keys alongside external keypads
  • Expandable with wireless or wired zones
  • Extensive intruder panel.

5. Crow Runner 16

The Crow Runner 16 is manufactured by the crow group, established in 1977 in Israel, the crow group have earned their position as one of the security industries leading innovators with a distribution network to over 50 countries worldwide. The runner series is a very flexible panel that can be tailored to your security requirements. It has two-way communication, TCP/IP support, and GSM/GPRS backup module support which is optionally integrated. It depicts accuracy and is quite easy to use although you will have a highly sophisticated system that can guarantee maximum security in your home.


  • Up to 100 uses and 80 pendants
  • Seamless programming offered by the easy rolling menu
  • Control up to 16 zones
  • Proximity readers
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • LED or LCD Ico keypads
  • Automatic output activation, arm and disarm functions
  • Call back option
  • 2 partition with separate arming systems
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem with CID text messaging and remote-control features.

Picking the right alarm systems for your home can be a tedious task. However, when you have one of the best home alarm systems in the world, you can be sure of maximum coverage. At Rapid Alarms, we partner with excellent brands to ensure you have the best home security. With the products we have for you, you will have a firm feeling of security which will give you and your family peace of mind every day.