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Choosing the best CCTV brand can be a daunting task especially with the increase in rival companies available today. You want your needs met by the CCTV camera so take time to figure out the manufacturer who addresses these needs. Although we tend to rely on the oldest companies because of their reputation and experience, we are likely to lose the ingenuity and high technology found in new companies and young entrepreneurs.

Every shopper wants to find the cheapest option. This is not always the best idea. You might be missing out on some major functionalities. When it comes to security gadgets, you do not want to compromise on the features because you will end up paying more with the dire consequences later. Choose devices, which are well-recognized in quality and performance. Most importantly, understanding your specific security needs will lead you to make appropriate choices. You can only find the best CCTV brand to suit your needs if you are well aware of the needs.

Choosing the best CCTV brand

Among the best CCTV brand is; Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua and Axis IP cameras. The old companies have increased their efforts in catching up with the latest demands. Incorporating the latest technology especially in Internet connectivity has helped to improve clarity and instant updates from any location on earth. It is becoming easier by the day to monitor premises using CCTV surveillance thanks to advanced technologies. The best part is that with improved technologies, the devices become cheaper and easily manageable. Installation should always be carried out by police licensed technicians who are trained in the installation of CCTV products, this ensures correct operation for years to come and a solid product and supplier warranty.



Size & Lighting CCTV Considerations


Analysis of Lighting Options

The location of camera installation is dependent on the brightness of the area under surveillance. They range from bright outdoor spaces and darker indoors where you need Infra-red lighting or extra specification to deal with the darkness. In this case, choose a day-night CCTV if light conditions vary constantly. Several brands have this option so make sure you inquire and ask about the specifications before proceeding to make a purchase.


Part of the security ideology is conceal surveillance equipment. You do not want an offender to notice you are watching them. You need to be discreet enough. The best way to be discreet is to install the smallest-sized cameras they are easily concealable. According to security experts, smallest sized cameras offer the best solution to useful footages. The best CCTV brands have increasingly reduced the size of their gadgets. The CCTV camera has evolved over the years just has the many CCTV packages options available.



Technical CCTV Considerations


Remote Viewing

When on-site you can view the recording on CCTV monitors on your premises later. However, with remote viewing, you can be instantly on surveillance and view live footages from any location as long as you are connected to the Internet and speed is sufficient. This means you need to get the latest technologies. Choose the best CCTV brand, which focuses on the latest digital technology to ensure you can find compatibility with your phone. Using a phone or table is the most convenient of ways to achieve instant monitoring. Remote viewing is an attractive feature missing in the old CCTV brands. If you want live updates from any location on earth as you travel, choose the remove viewer brands.


Just a matter of 4 or 5 years ago the benchmark in video technology was at 2 Megapixel, this is equivalent to 1080P HD, the technology has now advanced all the way through to 4K & 5K, 4K being the new norm within the industry, it is important to check what resolution your CCTV cameras produce and how the resolution will handle night vision, although a higher resolution looks better during perfect lighting conditions, it may perform worse during low light conditions than a low 2 or 4 megapixel camera.



Brand Name vs Budget Brands


Don’t go cheap

Yes, price is an issue but it should not be a priority when it comes to security. While it may not always be the case, low cost is often associated with low quality. CCTVs are devices and are prone to defects but should not be obvious. Am sure you know the cameras can be switched or interfered with if the intruder has technical know how. You will be more predisposed to such errors if you only shop on basis of price. Cheap CCTV brands lack advanced security features hence lack meaning. It will be a waste of money because you will have to replace it later after suffering significant loss in your premises.


While you can check on every manufacturer’s site for customer reviews, it is easier if you opt for a reputable company. A brand with long experience in the industry is most likely the one with high market rating. Also, you are less likely to deal with quality issues from a top manufacturer in the industry because they are protecting their reputation. The sales strategy for a reputable company is on maintaining trust and confidence through quality products unlike new firms that are focusing on rate of quantity of sales.

Personal preferences

The primary use of a CCTV is monitoring; however, it depends with where you want to set it or your focus in the building. Find out if a manufacturer specializes in outdoor or indoor cameras. Find out if they offer installation services. Features on certain brands may not be important to you.



Security is a major concern in the 21st century. Of course, a CCTV is the way to go. Time stamps on the videos help in making effective deductions. Also, the fact that you can go back to history of up to months and years makes it efficient. You can link events and come up with accurate conclusions. While CCTVs are effective, you should not go for any brand available. The increasing demand has led to countless brands with different qualities and features on their products. You should be careful in choice of a brand. If you need help choosing a best CCTV brand for your system, contact Rapid Alarms for expert information and advice.