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With all the new technology available its sometimes hard to choose which cctv camera system best suits your needs. As you read on you will find some key points when you are shopping for a new cctv system.
Types of security camera should you choose
There are two fundamental types of cctv system to choose from, either high definition over coaxial or IP CCTV systems. HD over coaxial is important to consider using if you have an existing analogue security cameras, re-wiring is difficult your budget is low. With HD over coaxial you can still achieve high image quality generally up to 5 megapixel, just to give you an idea full HD is approximetely 2 megapixel. The other type of HD cctv system is IP, these cameras are the latest in video technology and will continue to be the most common cctv system type in the future. Some of the benefits of having an IP cctv system installed include, high video resolutions, easier system expansion through networking and better video compression.
Camera system recorder
Security camera system recorders generally come with set amount of channels and a channel represents a single camera. It is important to choose a system that has the correct amount of video channel as the maximum you will require. If you choose a four channel recorder and you require a fifth channel you will need a larger recorder.
Resolution for your security cameras
A big consideration to make when choosing your security cameras is what resolution your cameras will be. This is important as it determines how large the recorded image will be and will play a part in how much detail the camera will see. As you move up in megapixels the system generally increases in price. The general spectrum at the moment is between 2 megapixel and 12 megapixel. the best value for money at the moment is a 8 megapixel system.
Storage days of recording
Be sure to consider how many days/week storage you will require when selecting your hard drive size, consideration will need to be taken whether you will be recording full time or through motion record. Keep in mind some security camera recorders have multiple hard drive bays so you can add more as required.
Using the above considerations will help you make the right decision when choosing a camera system will be reliable, affordable and serves it purpose.