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Dahua Intercom Systems

It seems that time runs concurrently with the changes in the developments witnessed in our modern society. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”, so does the invention of the intercom system which has been necessitated by the rapid changes in our lifestyles.

One of such life-changing inventions in this technologically influenced world is Dahua Intercom Systems. With these systems, residents can do a lot more including monitoring their premises in real-time.

Unfortunately, old-style apartment buildings lack the crucial data network wiring in their designs. This means the installation of Internet Protocol (or IP) based intercom systems is a major challenge to those who may want these systems installed in their premises.

Furthermore, the astronomical cost of rewiring such buildings is the main hindrance in almost all intercom system upgrade projects. But that is not a problem anymore now that Dahua IP Intercom system is here to stay. The system, however, provides a simple, fast, convenient and cost-effective way of upgrading analog intercom systems without

much of a hassle.

Dahua IP Intercom System is designed primarily to make installation of the system as simple as possible. The installation of the entire system starts with the outdoor station where a camera is connected to a switch.

The switch plays a very significant role which includes providing power to the outdoor station camera module. Apart from that, this switch provides the ideal platform with which monitors are connected.

In the process, the monitors get powered using 12-Volt direct current (VDC) adapters or PoE injectors. If necessary, additional monitors are added to the system in the same way.

Once the monitors are already in place, the CAT-5 cable is then run all the way to the PoE switch to deliver data and power. However, when you connect the switch to the router, it will allow further connections to the networked smartphones, PCs or even tablets.

Features of the Dahua Intercom System

This type of connection will make it easier for you to communicate with anyone within your apartment or flat without necessarily moving around that much. Below are the Dahua Intercom System features that make your communication easier and effective in the comfort of your seat:

Dahua Intercom’s Simple Wiring

The switch and the indoor unit use a double wire interface. In simpler terms, the indoor unit is connected to the switch using wires that are also used for the transmission of power as well as the signal. The good thing with this simple wiring is that there is no polarity.

Additionally, the switch comes fully equipped with a network interface which enables users to connect to the external network in order to enhance communication with regular IP electronic devices.

The 2-wire system retains Dahua’s IP system functions while satisfying the requirements of larger blocks of flats or apartments

For instance, the VT01210C-X (for a larger apartment) outdoor station can support up to 20 other outdoor stations connected to 1000 indoor monitors. On the other hand, each switch is capable of supporting up to 6 indoor monitors. This is possible with only a series connection between switches. But the highest number of connections recommended for high-rise buildings is 30.

Incoming calls can be answered anywhere within the premises

You can install a maximum of 5 VTH5222CH indoor monitors to enable you to make group calls. Most importantly, these monitors allow you to receive calls anywhere in your household in addition to communicating with other users within the same household via the indoor monitors.

You can use indoor monitors to monitor IPC in real-time. You can also connect the indoor monitors with detection devices as a way of implementing 24 hours of security around your premises.

Dahua Intercom System’s Smart PSS management

The Smart PSS is a type of software that facilitates smart management of a certain area.

These are the features that make Dahua Intercom systems effective and efficient when they are installed in your home.

Pros and Cons of Using the Dahua IP Intercoms System


● Supports a large number of indoor monitors

● Integrate SIP Phone and IP cameras

● Enables free communication with your neighbors within the same community

● Easy to operate


● A bit costly

● Some little problem with the quality of videos transmitted

Final Thought

There you have it! The Dahua Intercom systems are there to make communication within your household efficient while monitoring the security within your premises in real-time. So, you can take advantage of this intercom system to make your communication needs easier in your high-rise building.