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Security cameras are one of the most practical ways to ensure protection and safety in a house or any private property. However, many property owners do not know how to hide the cameras in the right places while getting the right view outside or within the property’s perimeter.


The ultimate benefit of having a security camera hidden is that you have the leverage in case you notice anyone spying on you or attempting to break into the place. 


Here are a few ways for you to install security cameras inconspicuously.


Where to Hide The Security Cameras

Tip #1: Garden Gnome

For houses with a well-decorated garden, a small wireless surveillance camera can be easily concealed in the eye of a garden gnome. This method is quite useful because these gnomes are common decoratives, so the cameras will have the advantage of being entirely discreet to provide the best outdoor surveillance. 


Alternatively, it is also possible to place your cameras in false rocks, earthen flower pots, or even in a letterbox. All you have to do is drill a hole large enough for the camera lens and secure the camera with waterproof adhesive tape.


Tip #2: Bird Shelter

You can also effectively hide your surveillance camera at a greater height by placing it in a bird shelter. The camera will be placed at its entrance, and it will be pointed towards the outside area to be monitored. You just have to make sure that the camera is angled correctly.


Tip #3: Tall Plants and Bushes

Intruders generally observe the entrance, walls, ceilings, and windows, but not the trees or bushes in your yard. The dense leaves will perfectly conceal your security camera for it to be undetectable. Ensure that your camera is not against the light, and you may need to change its location on windy days, or you may not see the view clearly due to the leaves and moving branches.


Alternative Options To Conceal Security Cameras

Hide Security CamerasIf you don’t have the time to tinker with or have no idea about the various possible solutions for camouflaging your surveillance cameras, you can opt for some discreet devices. They have an attractive decorative appearance and disguise the real object. These devices can be placed on the patio, yard, or house posts.


Another way to make a camera less visible is to install another dummy camera that will act as a decoy. This must be visible to capture the full attention of an intruder or a possible burglar. The real camera can then be placed further away and camouflaged, but with an excellent view of the area to be monitored.


Choosing The Security Camera

To hide a camera effectively, the device must be small enough to be embedded in various settings. Wireless cameras are the easiest to hide because they don’t have any wiring that could locate them. Otherwise, it will be necessary to cover the wires with suitable tubes to blend into the decor and protect them against possible corrosion. In most cases, a PVC or metal pipe offers the perfect protection for their wiring.



There is a wide variety of security camera units on the market. They are generally distinguished by their connectivity (wired or wireless), their resistance to bad weather (i.e., IP 65 or IP 68 certifications), the presence of a motor dedicated to the remote control, and of course, their optical properties.


The recommended resolution of the sensor is a high definition model, HD 720p or Full HD 1080p, to guarantee good image quality. There should also be a night light or infrared projector, which is essential for visual monitoring in case of suspicious noise in the middle of the night.


Lastly, you should also consider the extent of the zone that can be monitored using the zoom or a wide-angle for a clearer field of vision. Since the purpose of the hidden security camera is to cover the view of the property’s outside perimeter, the equipment’s focal length will determine the effectiveness of video surveillance.


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