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Have you ever imagined speaking and listening to your visitors remotely? If yes, then your imagination can turn to reality by using Hikvision IP and 2-Wire intercom systems. This type of technology is gradually helping in transforming the world we live in into a global village. And this new trend has made communication, both verbally and visually a reality thanks to the ever-growing cutting-edge technology.

Hikvision intercom systems have hit the market and changed the way we communicate remotely. Through its speaking-listening connection or rather image connection, you can communicate clearly to those who are at a considerable distance within your premises.

These systems are always used in apartments complexes and flats where residents find it extremely difficult to see the person calling downstairs. This happens so often because of the huge size of the buildings.

Thankfully, each resident can be accessed individually and in time at the touch of a button. This is where Hikvision Intercom plays a crucial role in linking two parties; those in the upstairs and those calling downstairs.

Those who are inside the building can see or have a clear view of who their guest is. From there, they can make up their mind as to whether to allow the visitor inside or not. This is of great convenience to individuals inside the house who might not wish to waste their time and energy to get downstairs in order to know who is visiting them.

Most importantly, the Hikvision intercom system minimizes vandalism within apartment complexes, flats or any other building. On top of that, it provides a solution for large buildings, homes and office collection buildings by allowing individuals to communicate easily in such a remote setup.

Apparently, the Hikvision intercom systems (either the IP or 2-wire systems) can make a good combination with Hikvision cameras to make communication effective. As a matter of fact, this combination can allow you to utilize the intercom system to your full advantage. In other words, this combination can be a good security system around your property.

The Hikvision IP intercom system adds a layer of security to your property while enhancing human interactive element via the electronic mode of communication. Certainly, this system will make everything easier for you in a way beyond your imagination.

Special Features

The Hikvision IP intercom system has been designed to give you the smartest intercom solutions you can find on the market today. The system allows you to receive calls regardless of where you are on your premises and also answer or unlock the doors remotely thus allowing you not to miss a caller at any given moment. All these are made possible with the Hikvision IP intercom system’s superior features listed below:

● Information broadcasting

● Control through a mobile application

● Intuitive user interface

● Top-quality voice transmission

● Video surveillance

● Intercommunication between monitors

● Expandable

So, why would you opt for the Hikvision intercom system? Let’s find out more in the following section.

Pros and Cons of Using Hikvision Intercom Systems


● The system involves a simple cable layout. The cables in the layout include CAT-5 cable, PoE network-switch for supplying power to the services;

● Dual network design to support TCP or IP wired network as well as Wi-Fi wireless network connections;

● It comes with a complete network design that is fully integrated with the Hikvision closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology;

Mosting voice over internet (VoIP) function thus eliminating conflicts between the video intercom and phone function;

● Simple, elegant and friendly user interface (UI);

● Easy connections to the front-end devices via SUB 1-G wireless connection to the indoor stations;

● Complete integration of video surveillance and video intercom systems;

● The system offers comprehensive functionality and support for the smart home system integration;

● The whole system works based on the iVMS-4200 (versatile video management software for IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs and so on);

● Under-running Hikvision cloud services.


● Hikvision does not support 1280×960 resolution;

● The 16:9 aspect ratio videos appear overstretched;

● Hikvision uses MPEG 1 Layer to encode audio as opposed to the modern AAC codec

● Customer support depends on the seller rather than the company itself.

Final Thought

Hikvision intercom system gives you something personal about speaking and seeing someone you are communicating with. This has been made possible by the current technology which comes with the capacity to transform electronically mediated interaction into a more personal and human experience than ever thought with the IP Video intercoms world over. Therefore, you can make your communication easier in the comfort of your home using the state-of-the-art Hikvision Intercom system.