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In this day and age, you really can’t afford to be caught off guard by something like a break-in. Fortunately, many security alarm system options are already available to ensure that your premises are covered even when you’re not around to monitor your property.


Private security cameras provide you with added protection against different kinds of crime. The presence of surveillance devices can avert potential robbers from targeting your property. Provided that security cameras can record everything that happens within the area 24/7. That means that you will have sufficient evidence to be presented to the authorities for investigation in the event of a break-in or a crime in progress. It can give the utmost peace of mind and assurance that your family and people under your care are safe.


Security Camera Laws in Western Australia

In Western Australia, it is generally an offense for a person to install, use, or maintain an optical surveillance device to record a private activity, whether or not the primary person is a party to the private activity. However, parts of the law regulate the use, installation, and maintenance of surveillance devices, such as security cameras, with considerations to particular situations.


According to a statement in Section 6 of the Surveillance Devices Act 1998 (WA), installing, using, and maintaining an optical surveillance device to record activity is “reasonably necessary for the protection of the lawful interests of that principal party.” These lawful interests can include a person protecting themselves and their property from trespass and possible theft.


Moreover, it is also legal to install, use, and maintain an optical surveillance device to record a private activity for two primary reasons: (1) to protect the best interests of a child or a protected person; and (2) if it is in the public interest.


Pro-Tip In Choosing A Security Camera System

You have to consider several things when choosing the best security camera system for your property requirements. When it comes down to it, there are two primary types to choose from: Why It's Important To Have A Security Camera System


  • Security systems are commonly installed directly to your home or business, such as those placed in outdoor areas like parking lots or driveways. 
  • Other systems can also be hidden so that they are out of view. If you want to monitor activities without being too conspicuous, then you might want to choose a camera system that’s disguised as something like outdoor furniture.


No matter what purposes you have for installing a private security camera system, ensure that you’re following local security guidelines and laws to avoid committing any form of offense against the authorities.



Many people use these devices for various protective purposes. If you are suspicious of something going on in your neighborhood, having a private security camera installed in your home or business will let you know if anything is amiss. No matter what features of a security camera monitoring device you have in mind, you will be able to find the perfect one for your needs.


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