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It is general consensus that hard wiring ethernet connections between buildings is always best practice, however this is not always practical or possible. This is where the use of a wireless radio link can come in handy. As the technology improves, the reliability and speed of these wireless links are also making big improvements. This makes using wireless links for your security system a good choice.

Some of the key benefits of our Ubiquity wireless links include

  • Low cost compared to hard wired in certain circumstances
  • Less labour involved in installation
  • Save on multiple internet connection across sites
  • No costly VPN services
  • Easy to configure and manage

Depending on how many buildings you plan to link to and the proximity of each building, cost can also be reduced with use of omni directional antennas to capture and broadcast 360 degree field of view.

Rapid Alarms have installed and currently maintain dozens of wireless links for our cctv camera systems in and around Perth, these networks also assist our clients in extending their hard-wired networks and wireless signal strength around their sites.

Link range of up to 5 kilometers is easily achievable and is super easy, this can end up savings thousands of dollars in cabling across large areas  and requires no digging or removing and re-instating of hardstands and other surfaces. Please see the below images of some of our Ubiquiti products.



cctv wireless link                 wireless cctv link