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The last thing you want is a slow or dragging alarm control panel. Your alarm system is directly linked to your property security; therefore, a control panel should not only be user friendly but also reliable. You should be guaranteed of high sensitivity and quick response rate whenever you need to arm or disarm your security systems. Whether you are using it at home or in the office, disappointment during emergency is the last thing you want with a control panel.

Some of the most popular brands of alarm control panels are Hills Reliance, DSC, Honeywell Ademco, Ness D series and Crow Runner and Power Wave series. All work very reliably and are safe options when choosing your alarm system control panel.

An alarm control panel can be controlled via LCD screen, rubber keypad button, tablet, or any device controlled by a mobile application. While all of them are effective in controlling your security system, not every panel will be suitable for you. Here are some key factors you need to put to consideration;




Zone/sensor capacity

Not all systems have the capability to support all areas. The size of your house or office has a lot to do with your choice of alarm control panel. Sensors cannot go through walls, which is a worrying thing when you simply press a button thinking it is all safe yet there was no impact on the system. If you are setting up an alarm control panel for a big business premise, you should invest in a control panel with high sensor capability. Certain systems have the ability to have multiple alarm areas which can be independently arm and disarmed separate to each other, for example if you have a server room which you want to arm separate to the building alarm.

Codepad type

On this, it is more of your preference. LED screens have high resolutions and accuracy; they have all the modern features. LCD screens are widely available and relatively cheap as compared to LED. While they offer the same view and functionality, they are less sharp in display. There is also an option of touchpad or touchscreen. Touchscreen is more fancy and highly sensitive but it is also prone to errors, you can mistakenly touch on another part of the screen. Some people prefer keypads to key in passcodes.

As mentioned, suitability of your code pad is dependent on your preference. Both keypad for pin or touchscreen for fingerprint are efficient. Both are prone to errors. Of course, LED touchscreens are considered modern because of the smart features. If this is your priority then a keypad or LCD won’t be interesting. However, choice of code pad type has nothing to do with security; they are all effective.




Remote control options

Once you are in the office or in your house, you should be able to arm or disarm an alarm conveniently. There are multiple remote control options; they range from rubber buttons to mobile apps. Considering alarm is primarily for security, you need some form of discreetness. You should enable and disable the system without making any move when you feel there is threat.

Choice of a remote control depends on multiple factors. Your office location and sitting orientation determines your view. If the alarm system is for a home, you should set up the control panel or choose a remote device that can be accessed easily irrespective of where you are in the house. Additional to this extra features on remotes can make life much easier, your remotes may be able to be programmed into your garage door for 1 remote control of alarm and garage door and remotes can also be setup as duress buttons which adds value for money when purchasing.

Push notification self-monitoring options

Smart systems support instant messaging and update notifications on the security system. The primary notifications should be when you enable and disable the alarm. Also, if there is any breach or weird activity on your security line, your application will send alerts for panel tampers, arm/disarms, alarms, bypasses and other system faults. Most security alarm systems have self-monitoring settings to help you be in control of the security at all times irrespective of your location. You can direct the notifications to either email or mobile app push notification. A simple beep or vibration should be good enough for you to check.

Ease of use

Implementing all the smart security features should not compromise on simplicity. Actually, the device or control panel should be as simple as it can be for quick action. Make sure you are familiar with the interface in your alarm control panel. It is important to take time and test all features and their efficiency before you set up the alarm and comfortably walk away or sleep. Security is linked to emergency; the system will be more effective if the control panel is easy to use.


Choosing A Brand



Security is a sensitive matter and you should not compromise on quality for price. Research on the kind of alarm control panels used in big corporations or in most homes. There is no better way of establishing credibility and reliability of a product than evaluating market rating with respect to customer usage. Go for a renowned brand that guarantees maintenance.

Manufacturer track record and warranty

Reputation is key when shopping for an alarm control panel. Some manufacturers will disappoint you with sub-quality features that will not only cost you in terms of regular maintenance and replacement but also loss of property. Go to a company with the highest market rating. Read customer reviews and consult with experts in the industry on the best brand. The manufacturer should provide sensible warranty as guarantee for quality. Installation of a security system and alarm control panel is a huge investment; you need to be sure of quality.

If you’re looking to install an alarm system or control panel for your property or business, contact us at Rapid Alarms.