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Police statistics in WA reveal that there  approximately 35,000 burglaries in 2017/18. This number is alarming and most people ask the question, what are some of the things which i can do to protect myself from being burgled. Needless to say the first thing your need to make sure of is that our doors and windows have up to date locking mechanisms which can be locked by key and these doors and windows are locked, a large majority of thieves are opportunistic and if they see a window open or check a door that is unlocked, your practically inviting them in.

All Valuables should be hidden within your car and curtains closed to stop them from seeing what is available. Security sensor lights are a great option also as when i a light turns on they can never be 100% sure that it isn’t an owner switching on and its also hard to hide in a well lit area. Having a quality alarm system installed with a new external siren and new window stickers is also a great idea, if the crooks see your external siren box is old and rusted out they may get the impression that your alarm system is dysfunctional due to age.

Its always a great idea to get out and say hello to your neighbours and people in your street as the more sets of eyes watching the better, criminals quite often scope out there next target and if the whole street is watching them as they watch your premise they are sure to be spooked into moving on. Having a pet dog will work wonders if someone is moving around at night, Canines have better eyesight and sense of smell than humans and can alert you to someone suspicious moving around your premise, even your neighbours dogs will alert you when someone suspicious is around.

Having a quality CCTV system installed with good quality night vision and motion recording is always good to have a look through movements from the previous night, a quality CCTV system can also be connected to a spot monitor within the house to quickly live view any noises heard outside, on top of this smart devices can be setup to view your premises while both at home and abroad.