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Introducing the latest product from Inner Range, Inception your one stop browser based alarm and access control system which gives the power back to you as a client. We install the system to suit your requirements and hand over a fully operational alarm and access control platform which is browser based, this allows you to web browse into the panel from anywhere on your local area network or remotely via Skytunnel and add, edit, delete users,cards and codes, remotely open doors, control alarm areas and check system events. Inception has a mobile app if your on the move and forgot to arm your alarm or lost your access card, you can arm the area, unlock the door all from your mobile device. With integration options with innovonics wireless equipment we can also give you cutting edge wireless alarm devices within your system.


The inner range inception system can support up to 128 doors and 512 inputs, this makes it highly scalable and a great solution for legacy upgrades. Inception has a dedicated IOS/android application which gives end users the ability to arm/disarm, lock & unlock doors and trigger interface relay from the tip of their fingers from anywhere in the world. 


Inner range invest heavily on research and development and are continuously upgrading and improving their products, this gives the customer confidence that by choosing an inner range product they are not only receiving some of the best technology of the time but access to future technologies and integrations through hardware and firmware updates.