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In today’s world, we have seen an increase in the crime rate and the number of murders committed every year. To stay safe, especially if you live in a big city, you must get a sound CCTV system installed at your home or business

However, even though these cameras are beneficial, you must keep them in working order at night. This guide will show you how to improve your CCTV system and keep it working at night time.

Get a CCTV System That Works Well at Night

The first thing to consider is to purchase a security camera that can work in dark areas and at night time. People need to consider the difference in light between day and night. Cameras equipped to work in low light can be placed in areas where the amount of light is minimal and does not interfere with the camera’s vision. Lenses, as well as flash units that have adjustable sensitivity to light, will help to improve nighttime working. 

Use the Infrared Function

Infrared security cameras use Visible LED technology to track light. You do not need a light source to view a CCTV camera at night. The LED lights emit a clear light that you can see from a distance. 

These infrared-based security cameras utilize the energy of an infrared beam to work. The infrared beam shines on the sensor, which then causes the lens to focus on the light that it detects. 

Add More Light

The best CCTV security cameras have infrared and visible light-sensitive mechanisms. It means that they can work no matter what the light conditions are at night. It allows us to see the activity through the CCTV cameras even at night. It works by using an internal LED and lens that can produce light even in total darkness.

Make CCTV Better at Night

The use of floodlights and lamps is also an excellent option to add more light. Using both floodlights and lamps, you can get a clearer picture and feel as if they have security cameras watching them.

Mount the Camera in A Good Position 

You should first determine the best locations for your security cameras. In general, if you are targeting a specific area, you should install the cameras that are visible from that location.

Please do not install the cameras near the objects covering its views, like tall shrubs and gazebos. Do not mount the camera too close to the light source. Direct exposure to the light can ruin the camera’s focus, resulting in blurry and washed-out images. 

Additional Tips to Make Your CCTV Work Better at Night Time:

  •  To minimize light reflections, regularly clean the camera lens or dome. 
  •  Pick the appropriate camera for the areas to be watched over. 
  • Do not rely on one camera to focus on a large area. 
  • Ensure your camera is set to night vision mode.

Final thoughts

By following these tips, you will be able to make sure that the cameras in your CCTV system are working well at night. The technology is ideally suited to monitoring people in all sorts of environments – even when you cannot see them. 

 If you want to know more about making CCTV work better at night, visit Rapid Alarms. We can demonstrate the various technologies that will be most effective for you and provide you with tips on making your CCTV work more effectively. Your safety comes first.