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Preventing burglary ultimately suggests making thieves understand that breaking into your house or apartment puts them at significant risk of being caught red-handed.

If burglars can assess that they can disable your existing alarm without difficulty or there is no threat to them at all, you’re allowing your home to become an easy target.

Making your home a liveable place also means prioritizing your safety. The main goal is to protect your property against intrusions through traditional and modern security systems. Let’s find out the different ways you can reinforce your house to ward off attempting burglars.

4 Good Reasons to Equip Your House with an Alarm:

The primary purpose of a home alarm is to discourage strangers from trying to intrude. So, an effective alarm system makes it possible to monitor the entire home and prevent a possible burglary.

Here are the reasons why you need a home alarm system:

1. More and more burglar cases occur in all kinds of communities, and the rate of violations continues to grow.
2. Reliable alarm systems reduce the risks of being a target.
3. It gives a sense of security whenever you’re away from home.
4. The risks and benefits outweigh the costs of installing an alarm system


How Does an Alarm System Work?

An alarm system has three basic parts: sensors, connecting device/s, and a central. The sensors can have various tracker features to send signals to the warning device of any unusual activity. The device can either produce sounds to alert people or notify authorized individuals to indicate a possible intrusion.

Each basic alarm kit can then be supplemented with a varying number of options and possibilities. But, alarm systems are commonly made up of the same elements, namely:

  • A central which is the brain of the system and which will manage the information coming from the various devices
  • Alarm devices have different functions depending on their purpose, such as monitoring movement, detecting smoke or shock, detecting a door or window opening, etc.
    Other elements are added, such as remote controls and keyboards for access
  • Indoor and outdoor sirens
  • A transmitter connected to the telephone network, which alerts one or more numbers stored in the alarm system
  • A GSM communicator that sends messages to warn the people who can intervene (hired private security)

As soon as an attempted intrusion is detected, alarms, sirens, flashes, and remedial actions like transmitting information to chosen monitoring stations can be initiated depending on the programming. The device should allow you to configure, activate, or deactivate the alarm and the control unit coordinates.

How to Choose The Right Home Alarm System


An efficient home alarm system must be based on two complementary criteria: the desired protection mode and the desired anti-intrusion response actions.

In a home, you can choose to protect from one to several zones. The more areas are covered, the more effective the device must be. With many places to be protected, you can set up a different detection method for each site.

Traditional Alarm System

In a traditional home alarm system, motion detectors and perimeter alarms are placed at various strategic locations in the house, such as doors and windows, which are common areas to detect the slightest intrusion. When the alarm is triggered, the control system activates the signaling device to warn the homeowners.

Comprehensive Alarm Systems

Many types of house alarms differ in function and method of operation. A siren-type audible alarm is a deterrent in 95% of cases, so it is an effective system to ensure your property’s security.
The Right Home Security Alarm System
But if you want your security system to provide more advanced features. For example, a wireless system is already available for large properties, an alternative to a hard-wired network. For visibility, you can place CCTV cameras to record videos that can be viewed by the owner at any time on the monitor or through a mobile device. Video surveillance is accessible when the camera is connected to the home wi-fi network.

You can also opt for added alarm monitoring systems that send alerts to private surveillance companies. An integrated monitoring system automates your home security 24/7.

Consult us here about your options for a complete home alarm system!

Foolproof Home Alarm System

Experienced burglars are aware of the potential presence of alarm systems. If it is visible, they will try to neutralize it. So, the position of your box must be hardly visible and embed the wires of your alarm in the wall so that it cannot be disconnected.

Some alarms alert you to an attempt to cut the telephone line or connection or a radio jamming system that attempts to interfere with your radiofrequency. In the event of a power failure, certain alarms are equipped with backup batteries that ensure continuous monitoring. If the internet connection is no longer available, a multi-operator Sim card inserted in the control unit must take over. This Sim card is usually provided in your kit, but not all alarm packages include it.

Can Burglars Disable Home Alarm Systems?

Burglars can make it challenging for homeowners to protect themselves. Some are even sophisticated and trained, so they know how to disable home security systems without being traced by the authorities.Choosing Home Security Alarm System Most burglars are very smart and use a few basic strategies to disable a security alarm. One way is to track the sensors in certain parts of the house to avoid triggering them off. And then, they can bypass the security sensors by cutting the connection from the central. This is why it’s crucial to choose the right home alarm system and hire the best people to install it professionally.


Home alarm systems are a big help in deterring intruders, ensuring that your house is safe, and protecting you and your family. By installing a suitable home security alarm system— which burglars can’t easily disable, you can ensure that all entry points in your property are covered day in and day out. Many people may not think of the importance of having an alarm system, but it’s always best to put your safety above all else.

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