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As a homeowner, maintaining a safe yard and premise is not only important in curbing property crime but also for your life in general. The act of protecting your family, guests or workers around the vicinity is priceless. It is your moral obligation and responsibility to eliminate seasonal hazards for a lifestyle change. Home security installation is one of the efficient methods that you can use to eliminate any liability that stems from intrusion by strangers. Here is what you need to know about the pros and cons of home security.


Protects the valuables

The first thing that should strike your mind when laying the foundation of your house is how safe the whole structure is going to be. Even when the structure is undergoing construction, it benefits you much to install home security. This does not only bar the strangers from accessing your premise but also helps in monitoring the workers at the construction site. Generally, property thieves are motivated with an as simple item as the door frame. Property crime is a cult of its own.

The moment you acquire valuables such as jewellery, electronics or any other highly valued home item, you will be doing yourself a lot of harm by ignoring home security. To remain safe, view yourself as the next victim. Otherwise, by installing home security, you will be protecting even your neighbours’ properties.

Enhances peace of mind

Nothing is worrying as staying in an insecure compound. Even knocks by your neighbours at night can raise your adrenalin. Home security helps in achieving the comfort needed for a peaceful mind. It enhances your trust to any feet that move around your residential space. With an effective system, you can go about doing the normal errands and retiring for a sound sleep knowing that your environment is safe from intrusion. This peace of mind benefits your mental, psychological, social, physical and financial well-being. It is a big mile in realizing your life goals.

Protects from fire

Smart security systems are designed in a manner that they can efficiently integrate with other Smart devices like carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarm. The smart system can also be connected to other computing devices like phones. Anything bizarre prompts the alarm to send a push notification to the computing device.

Post-modern security systems even go-ahead to include one of the most important aspects of home security; comprehensive emergency monitoring. In this type of system, the push notifications are sent directly to the emergency centre. Therefore, you will not have to waste extra time calling for emergency services.

Protects from other environmental disasters

Extreme weather elements such as heavy rains, high and low temperatures are not only detrimental to your health but also to the properties in your homestead. They can also devastate your bank account.

Several companies have come up with both temperature and water sensors to bridge this gap. Water sensors are placed in the drain areas and near the floor of the basement. They are then connected to an alarm. Upon detecting any bizarre water accumulation, the sensor notifies the central monitoring station. This also happens with the temperature sensors which are placed anywhere in the homestead. By installing the two devices, you will prevent any extensive losses and damages while at the same time cutting short the cut corners.

Manages the bills

Professional home security systems include thermostat installation. Through web-enabled device connectivity, you can control your electricity consumption even miles away. You can turn the lights on or off, and any other plugged-in device from any place on earth.
Increases the home resale value

New buyer’s scope is not only limited to the feel, design and the general aesthetic appearance of the homestead. It also captures the safety aspect of the homestead. Increase your homestead marketability by integrating the security system. It pays off a great deal.

Anything that features some benefits must come handy with at least one weakness. Home security is not an exception. Here are some of its popular cons.

Faulty system

One of the worst weaknesses of the home security is the faulty system You see, home security is something that you will never wish to use for its “primary practicability”. Professional burglars have the due knowledge to invade your homestead even with the alarms on. They can fault the system through power lines or remote control using electromagnetic means. They can also interfere with the system through the walls and metal filing cabinets. Lastly, they can block the sensor’s radio frequency hence interfering with its communication to the central control unit.

Additionally, wireless security systems are susceptible to hacking. Professional burglars can jam the signals or interfere with its encryption. With a weak Wi-Fi or password, your security system is not safe from hackers.

Pricey installation and monitoring costs

Home security installation is not always a basic DIY process. Depending on the size, the number of rooms and design of the house, the routing and wiring processes can take time to finish. This always prompts almost all new homeowners to gauge the help of professional installation companies. That is where the high-costs step in. Usually, basic home security installation costs range from $250 to as high as $1500.That can be even high when dealing with strata or apartment buildings.

Additionally, you will need to engage a professional monitoring company. Most companies out there charge close to $30 monthly for only monitoring. Since this is not a one-time cost, you can just imagine how pocket-draining home security installation is.

Easy to forget

Once you have installed the security system, it is your responsibility to activate it whenever you want to put it into use. However, the fact that the mind is always pre-occupied with thoughts of different task renders the system easy-to-forget. This happens mostly when you are in a hurry. Otherwise, advanced systems come with remote control features that enable users to activate the system even miles away from home.


Just as its name goes, home security systems are the only way to maintaining a safe homestead that is comfortable to live in. It is the reason behind the decreasing rates of property crimes globally. Devoid of the existing inefficiencies, home security systems guarantee value for the cost incurred for installation and monitoring. Click here for more information of home security or check our alarm system packages.