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For any profitable company or commercial land, safety and protection are critical obligations. The easiest way to protect your investments is by installing security cameras and surveillance systems.


With the variety of options on the market and the many advantages that security cameras may provide to a company, making the right decision is more crucial than ever.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Surveillance System

Before investing in a security camera, there are some factors to consider. Understanding these factors can assist you in getting the best for your business.


The price of the security cameras is a significant determinant in choosing the best security cameras for your business. Expensive cameras from famous brands are expected to have features that make the device worthy of its price.

Camera Type and Models

The popular cameras are IP and analog cameras. IP cameras have replaced analog cameras. IP cameras have more features and can record higher-resolution footage and have automatic alerts, video analytics, and more.


  • Here are some typical camera and models that you can choose of:
  • Bullet cameras, visibly protruding from a wall; 
  • Dome cameras, housed in a tinted cover attached to the ceiling;
  • PTZ cameras have remote-control capabilities to adjust the field of vision.


It would be best to think of which surveillance camera forms to implement following your needs and where you want to position them.

Additional Features

Night vision, motion detection, and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) are only a few of the capabilities accessible from video surveillance systems devices. Assess which functionality and additional features your company requires in choosing your security cameras and device accordingly. 

Location and Positioning (Indoor/outdoor)

You must consider where you want to install your security cameras, either indoor or outdoor. Outdoor cameras have more requirements because of some external factors like weather. Make sure your camera is modelled to be water-proofed and engineered with proper mounting and housing.


PTZ cameras are suitable if you want to cover larger areas because they are perfect for wide viewing and zooming. In comparison, static cameras are perfect for smaller areas. 

Best Camera Features For Your Business


When choosing a camera, the resolution is one of the most critical factors to remember. An IP camera that shoots at least in 720p high resolution is needed for sharp pictures. It is essential to make sure your camera has a clear, identifiable image.

Frame rate

Another essential feature of a camera is its frame rate: the higher the frame rate, the better the recording. The lower the frame rate, the fewer stills are captured, resulting in choppy footage. You need to consider the typical frame rate of 30 frames per second. 


Lighting is an issue if security cameras are used at night. The best security camera for your business is the one that uses low-light infrared. It enables the camera to capture video footage clearly, even in dark conditions. For better capture, it is advisable to use a camera that has plenty of IR LEDs.


Clear video capture is not enough to say that your security camera is the best fit for your business. Audio and audio recording features are essential in communication with the subject in the camera’s field of vision.


There is always a perfect security camera designed for you, whether your company is located downtown or operates out of your basement garage. Visit Rapid Alarms for a quote that best fits the security needs of your business.