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Over the years, CCTV camera systems have become a fundamental part of any commercial or residential security. We all know that the quality of any footage on a CCTV camera is essential when you are trying to identify suspects or criminals. 

With the technology becoming more accessible and economical, it is no wonder that more businesses and homes are installing them for security purposes. But one of the most common questions about these cameras is why some of them have poor video quality.

Factors Affecting the Video Quality

Here are the factors that can affect the quality of the captured images and, therefore, influence the quality of the video. 

Environmental Factors

Some cameras are not equipped with protective casing or covering. It means that the exposed areas of the sensitive CCD will be more susceptible to scratches and marks. 

Securing a CCTV camera with a reliable housing cover is advisable to avoid these environmental factors and help you enhance the video and image quality.


CCTV cameras have poor video quality because of how the information is stored on the device. Videos and images with high resolution consume a high amount of memory, thus recording in low resolution will maximize memory use. This practice may lead to a very compressed file that can affect the quality of the video.

To ensure capturing excellent video quality, you must use a CCTV camera to handle high memory consumption. You should also check if it has the feature of expanding the memory that it has.

Camera Parts

The internal components of the camera also affect the quality of the recorded image. Of all the parts, the camera lens plays the most crucial role in providing good quality capture. If these lenses are out of focus or dirty, the camera will record blurry and low-resolution images.

CCTV Cameras Have Bad Video Quality

You must regularly check the health of your CCTV camera. It ensures that all the parts are working well in capturing and recording good quality images and videos.


Poor video quality can also occur if your security cameras are not positioned in the correct location. Often, it is possible to align CCTV cameras to ensure that they view the same part of a property. 

Please do not install the cameras near the objects covering its views, like tall shrubs and gazebos. Do not mount the camera too close to the light source. Direct exposure to the light can ruin the camera’s focus, resulting in blurry and washed-out images. 


Although upgraded security cameras have excellent technological capabilities, they rely on many different factors for good quality video. As such, if one part of the camera malfunctions, then the others will also be affected. You must regularly maintain the health of your CCTV cameras and take regular video quality checks to ensure that everything continues to work smoothly.


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